Community Care

Wine Country Organics
Caring for people, Caring for the planet.

Wine Country Organics, Manufacturer of Natural Makeup:  
Our Commitment to Fair Trade, Sustainability and Environmental Impact

As a manufacturer of natural makeup, we continually seek to increase the use of fair trade organic products, ingredients from sustainable farms and agriculture, as well as the use of 100% natural raw materials in all of our US-made organic cosmetic products. We look at our formulation’s environmental impact, and take the following into consideration when making our products:

  • The raw materials for ingredients used in our products.  We do not use plant species we determine are endangered or threatened
  • The impact on the local communities and their ecosystems which provide the raw materials
  • The use of chemicals when processing the raw materials into the ingredients for our products
  • The impact of the finished products on the people and the environment

We are not only a manufacturer of natural makeup, but are committed to being conscious of our effect on our community and the world.  Wine Country Organics ensures our products will not only benefit our customers through exceptional performance, but will positively impact the people and communities from which the ingredients are sourced.