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Customer Stories

“Your lip products are light and leave my lips smooth and moist.  I love them!”
~Ximena, Orange County CA

“I had a chance to visit a Napa Valley winery in May and while there I purchased your "organic lip balm with grapeseed oil". Well, needless to say I loved it and would be interested in purchasing more.”
~Maggie P.

“I have been a makeup junkie since I was 10.  In addition to my daily personal use, I have been a makeup artist for weddings and fashion shows.  Needless to say, I am more than familiar with numerous cosmetics and am a self-proclaimed snob when it comes to make-up.  I LOVE your lip tints!  They are by far my favorite lip product I have EVER used (and that is saying a lot!).  I use your lip tints in Port and Pinot morning and night. They keep my lips feeling and looking beautiful for hours.  Thank you Wine Country Organics!"
~Regi Z.

“Thanks for making a pure product that contains certified organic ingredients.  I love the colors too.”
~Debbie S.

“Hi there!  I bought a lip balm when I was at Arrowood Winery last spring and am out.  It is my absolute favorite and I need to stock up.  Where can I find these to purchase now that I'm back in Indiana?”
~Joan D.

"While at the winery in Maui, HI I bought one of your lip tints and love it. It is smooth and has just the right amount of color.”
~Colorado Springs Traveler

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“My husband and I were recently in the Lodi, California area and were introduced to your lip tint product. It was wonderful! I gave some friends the product and they loved it too.”
~Lisa L., Canada 

“I recently visited a tasting room and bought one of your lip balms.   My lips always get chapped when I do wine tasting.   This lip balm is great for protecting my lips!  I need to order more.”
~Adam K.