Are you following trends? Every season brings new colors, new looks, new hemlines, new ideas about what is hip and what is “oh, so last year!” Trends. They come. They go. Whether the in look supports a natural glow or a flashback to the 80’s with big, bullet-proof hair, shoulder pads or Candies – oh, you know you remember that high heeled look, here is the question. Are you a trend follower or do you prefer to follow your own sense of style? Maybe you are a little of both. When a trend presents itself, do you jump in head first or do you watch and wait? Let’s look at some thoughts on trends and who they capture.

1) The Totally Trendy Hipster – This gal has her finger on the pulse. She is on top of the latest of the latest. There is no stopping her. She is well put together at the grocery store and on the soccer field. Her persona comes from current trends in the world around her. Whether at home, at work, in her make-up bag, or in her closet, she is on the cutting edge. With cute shoes and a trendy up-do, she drives a Hybrid. She knows what is in and she knows what is out. She may be Gluten Free, Vegan or all about Coconut Oil and Cocoa. But, one thing is for sure. She has done her research and has no problem sharing what she knows. She is smart, savvy and inspires those around her to give her way a chance. Surrounded by like-minded women, they keep each other in check. Following trends is natural for this gal. Eating, living and breathing on the cutting edge are part of who she is.

2) The Margie Doesn’t Care – This gal is incredibly creative. Her house, her work, and her friends are an extension of her personality, and they follow a path of their own. Embracing her uniqueness, she is her own person through and through. Our “Margie doesn’t care” believes in what she likes and cannot be bothered with what she dislikes. While following a trend is not a part of who she is, looking and feeling good are natural for Margie. She is comfortable in her own skin. This confidence attracts and influences others. She stands on her own which has enabled her to wear a version of the same style for years. This speaks who she is. The world is her canvas, and she is busy painting.

3) The In-Betweener – This gal in-between picks and chooses what she wants and has a discerning eye. This trait tells us that she is very comfortable with who she is. She might pay attention to trends, but for the most part, she finds them amusing. They may inspire the cut or lines of a new dress, but they do not define who she is. She is most comfortable experimenting with trends on a smaller level. The gal in-between will experiment with a trendy lip shade, sweater color or even with wedges versus flats. But truth be told, trends are not the end all for this gal. Miss In-Between in interested in simplifying her life from the ground up. She is a purest at heart. She strives for choices that work for her lifestyle, and that speak to who she is on the inside. Less is more, and her mantra might just be “Small house! Big life!”

Which one are you? There might not be an easy answer which makes this blog one that might spark a conversation. You might see a bit of yourself is each of these women. This makes the conversation more interesting because we realize it is okay to be who we are. Honoring oneself is a recipe for a life well lived, At Hemp Organics by Colorganics – we like that idea!

Yours in excellent health and outstanding lip color,

The team at Hemp Organics by Colorganics