Times are changing. And, we are so glad they are. People are making better choices and are more aware of what goes in and on their bodies. So, this brings us to an important question. Why all hubbub around Hemp?

Here are three reasons why hemp is making a difference and making headlines:

It’s plain and simple – Hemp is considered a SUPER FOOD and is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids, amino acids, anti-oxidants and minerals. According to Regenerative Nutrition, hemp’s nutritional properties and powers help to lower cholesterol, to reduce heart attack risk, to aid the metabolism of fats and to prevent cancer. Also, this plant based protein and powerhouse of minerals and vitamins A, C, and E help our bodies attack free radicals with a vengeance. Fighting off free radicals? And, we love, love, love fighting off free radicals.  Three cheers for better overall health!

Hemp seed oil is FANTASTIC – yup, screaming that – for your skin and your skin’s overall health. At Hemp Organics by Colorganics – the makers of USDA certified organic base lip care products with natural mineral pigments – we agree with the research. Organic beauty products provide natural defenses and healing properties like antioxidants which are vital for overall health. Your skin is the body’s largest organ. Don’t you want to give it what it needs and deserves? Incredibly emollient, hemp seed oil mimics certain properties of your skin and is easily absorbed. By nourishing your skin with hemp, you are improving the skin’s ability to do its job. This little fun fact is not just a good but great! At Hemp Organics by Colorganics, we are shouting from the mountain tops – YES! YES! YES! WE WANT YOU AND YOUR SKIN TO BE HEALTHY.

Because we know more – the organic beauty industry is starting to put more and more value on hemp. According to Nutritional Outlook, the United States is the leading market for hemp based health, beauty, and food products. Hemp is big business. Its industrial uses range from being used to produce fiber and fabrics, paper, plastics, fuels, and so much more. Because hemp grows like a weed – pun intended – and is resistant to pesky insects, it is an easy and lucrative crop to grow. If you smell opportunity, you are not alone. As we stated before, hemp is big business and is predicted to be a vital part of a growing economy.

So, what is the take away from our Hemp Hemp Hooray Blog from Hemp Organics by Colorganics? It’s simple! Hemp is Hip! We like hemp! We like you! We like our planet! And, we want you to live a healthy life. As we have asked our FANS on our Hemp Organics by Colorganics Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HempOrganicsLipColor), our followers on both Twitter ( https://twitter.com/colorganics ) and Instagram  (@colorganics ), Why be “good” when you can be so much “better.” Hop on over to our website (www.colorganics.com) and learn about our hemp seed oil based natural lip care products featuring a USDA Certified Organic Base with natural mineral pigments. Nourish your lips. Heal the planet.  Your lips will love, love, love you!

Yours in excellent health and outstanding lip color,

The team Hemp Organics by Colorganics