With the 2016 Holiday Season under way, who isn’t busy. There are parties to attend, presents to wrap, carols to sing, and cookies to bake. It is a time for family gatherings, reconnecting with friends near and far, over indulging, and our favorite, champagne toasts.

As we ready ourselves to turn the corner to 2017, those of us at Hemp Organics by Colorganics are reflecting on our past while looking toward the possibilities ahead.  In celebration of a clean slate, we ask ourselves what would NEW YEAR’S be without a resolution or two?

It’s true. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions. In fact, it would seem strange if we didn’t try to fix at least one bad habit. But, the reality revolves around the elephant in the room. For all the diets started, cigarettes not smoked, gyms joined, and debts paid off, most of us don’t stick to our resolutions for more than just a few weeks. As a matter of fact, an article in Health Magazine points toward less than half of the folks committing to “change their ways” are still on target six months later. At Hemp Organics, we are wondering how we can better the odds.

It’s true. A decision to change is an individual one. Being a part of the Health and Beauty industry, we embrace a commitment to being and doing better. But, we also realize the importance of treading softly and keeping our commitment realistic to capture what is ahead.

Here is a simple approach supporting the decision for positive change. Why not start with the small steps to making a significant and lasting difference in your life? Instead of eliminating soda, why not start with decreasing the number of soda you drink each day. Instead of going cold turkey with a caffeine FREE diet, (Oh, can you imagine such a headache?) why not begin your morning with a blend of half regular and half decaf? Instead of dessert every night, why not opt for sweet treats every other night? You get the gist.

So what’s the takeaway from our Making Your Resolution Stick blog post from Hemp Organics by Colorganics? It’s simple. Life is short. Take advantage of the fresh start each new year offers. But, leave your super-human cape behind as it was so last year! Create a realistic plan making it easy to integrate into your overall wellness routine. As a business in the Health and Beauty industry for over two decades, Hemp Organics by Colorganics fully supports better living through for healthier choices. You deserve to be the best you can be. So, let’s hear it for you! Let’s hear it for your health. Let’s hear it for smart alternatives. Let’s hear it for making strides towards lasting change and being the best possible you.

Happy New Year!

Yours in excellent health and outstanding lip color,

The Team at Hemp Organics by Colorganics