Let’s face it. We work long hours, eat foods lacking in proper nutrients and aren’t drinking enough water. We try to take better care of ourselves, but it is not easy. 24/7 we are bombarded by environmental toxins and physical stresses wreaking havoc on our minds, bodies, and souls. But, you already know this.  And, yes! It is time for change!

Say YES to Organic Beauty Products! And, here are two simple “GO -TO” reasons why:

  • 1) In today’s Information Age, we know more than ever before. Every day, we Google viable information. Thanks to APPLE, our sidekick SURI, gives us answers instantly. Knowledge is power and provides the basis for transparency leading to better choices.
    Let’s face it. We like power. We like being in charge! We like transparency! This is true. Chemical ingredients like pthalates, triclosan, oxybenzone, and others we cannot pronounce nor spell, are rampant in beauty products. A recent study conducted by UC BERKLEY, details that these and other toxic ingredients not only lead to the disruption of the body’s endocrine system but are linked to illnesses like obesity, cancer, brain disorders, stroke, MS and dementia. As reported by CBS-SF in March of 2016, this study found when teens stop using beauty products with these toxins, the level of hormone disrupting chemicals in their bodies drops significantly.
  • 2) We like clean air. We like clean water. We care about the world around us. Climate change science and a fragile ecosystem, are just two factors driving the trend toward environmental sustainability. It’s plain and simple – Organic practices are better for the environment. Manufacturing naturally derived products helps reduce the world’s pollution and overall exposure to poisons. But let’s look more closely to seal the deal. Even though naturally derived organic beauty products consume resources, they also reduce our reliance on environmentally damaging petroleum based products. You know what I am talking about – the toxic petroleum components commonly found in make-up and skincare products!! Yup! Those chemicals whose names we cannot pronounce nor spell are destroying our planet and hindering environmental sustainability.


So, what is the take away from our Say YES to Organic Beauty Products blog?

Whether a Boomer, a Gen X’er, a millennial, or Gen Z’er, our knowledge and the need for transparency are fueling the demand for non-toxic beauty products. That’s right! The message is clear. It’s time to pay attention to organic beauty products.  Consumers are demanding chemical free product choices NOW!  As we have asked our FANS on our Hemp Organics  by Colorganics Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HempOrganicsLipColor), and our followers on both our Twitter (https://twitter.com/colorganics ) and Instagram (@colorganics) , “Why be “good” when you can be so much “better.” Visit our website ( www.colorganics.com) and learn about our natural natural lip care products featuring a USDA Certified Organic Base with natural mineral pigments. Nourish your lips. Heal the planet. Your lips will love, love, love you!

Yours in excellent health and outstanding lip color,

The team at Hemp Organics by Colorganics